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Our ethos

Our Story

From two men working at a kitchen table to a 200 strong worldwide team, there’s been a lot to learn along the way.

Hear the BrightLocal story, our culture, and what it means to be a true bootstrapped company in this interview with Myles.

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Myles Anderson

What we believe

Loving Work

We believe that loving work is essential for us to be happy. If we genuinely love what we do, it brings our other beliefs to life.

Caring Personally

We believe in caring personally for everyone around us. This means that we appreciate their individuality, respect their needs, and always show care and consideration so that we all feel safe and supported at work.

Brilliant Teamwork

We believe that by collaborating closely and combining our strengths we will achieve incredible things that we could never achieve alone.

Being Brave

We believe in taking risks, being bold, and making quick decisions so that we can unleash our full potential. We are not afraid of failing because we know we will learn something that ultimately makes us stronger.

Taking Charge

We believe in taking ownership of everything we do and being fully responsible for achieving our goals and hitting our results.

Endless Curiosity

We believe that curiosity is the foundation of lifelong learning. We take every opportunity to learn, grow and enhance our strengths so that we can be happy and successful in life.

Speaking Up

We believe that we are a better, stronger business when every opinion is shared, every idea is considered, and every voice is heard.

Forward Thinking

We believe in setting ourselves ambitious goals that require us to think creatively and innovate boldly so that we create our future.

Why work at BrightLocal?

See the heart in our logo? That’s not just there for fun—it represents the caring culture that sits at the heart of everything we do at BrightLocal, whether it’s supporting our team or giving generously to charitable causes.

We truly believe that personal and company success stems from investing fully in providing every single team member with the most positive work experience possible.

Why Work at BrightLocal

How do we do this? By providing an abundance of opportunities to learn new skills, building fantastic working relationships, acting on feedback, and supporting team members in realizing their life goals.

As expressed through our core beliefs, we thrive on cherishing individuality, celebrating success, and championing teamwork and collaboration at all times.

How Do We Do This

When we’re not hard at work, you’ll regularly find BrightLocallers taking part in a host of social activities like escape rooms, cocktail making, sailing, video gaming and scavenger hunts.

We love a having bite to eat and a drop to drink together, too, so we encourage plenty of team meals and social nights out on the town.

BrightLocal Social Life

Why do we do all this? First of all, we’re genuinely nice people! But it also just works: our team members deliver their best work when nurtured and supported, and we boast a staff retention rate that’s the envy of the industry.

We’re confident that in BrightLocal, not only will you find a caring, cooperative company that offers inspiration and challenge in equal measure, you’ll likely find friends for life.

Why Do We Do All This


01 Private Healthcare

Private Healthcare

Our generous healthcare package includes dental cover, CBT support and free access to other complementary therapies.

02 Flexible Working Hours

Flexible Working Hours

Dolly Parton was half-right: working 9-5 is way to make a living, but we offer flexible hours and working arrangements to suit your life and your role.

03 Social Activities

Social Activities

Life is for living, so we offer BrightLocallers all sorts of opportunities to live it together, from private parties and delicious meals to games tournaments and outdoor adventures.

04 Bonus Scheme

Bonus Scheme

BrightLocal’s annual bonus scheme is based on personal, team and company targets, so we’re always pulling together in the same direction, and rewarded for doing so!

05 Wealth Of Wellness

A Wealth of Wellness

We offer a host of benefits to encourage wellness, where available. These include on-site massages, bike-to-work schemes, free flu jabs, eye care vouchers, and much more.

06 Your Birthday Off

Your Birthday Off

Put your feet up and enjoy your birthday with an extra day’s annual leave. (Don’t worry; we’ll still celebrate when you come back!)

07 Work From Anywhere

Work from Anywhere

Want to travel to visit family or explore the world? Go for it! We encourage work-life balance by enabling team members to work abroad for up to three weeks per year.

08 Investing In You

Investing in You

We want you to be your best self at work. That’s why we offer 5-6 company-wide training workshops, as well as a £1,000 personal training budget each year.

09 Discounts


Who doesn’t love a cheeky discount?! We have teamed up with Perkbox to give you access to hundreds of money-saving deals and exclusive offers.

10 Free Drinks And Snacks

Free Drinks and Snacks

Running a leading local SEO platform is thirsty (and hungry) work, so our well-stocked cupboards and refrigerators offer sustenance in abundance.

Charity Days

We are a BIG believer in supporting the communities we work in, and play an active role in supporting both local and national charities.

As well as donating as a company, we also empower team members to be personally involved by allowing everyone 6 days per year to physically help a charity or community organization that’s close to their heart.

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Working in Brighton, UK

BrightLocal HQ is located in Brighton, UK. This is the nerve center of our operations, and where the big decisions get made.

Our Brighton office is just minutes away from the famous seafront and Palace Pier, and sits opposite Brighton Dome, the cultural home of art and performance in the area (if you’re not counting the array of street art Brighton’s known for, that is).

Whether you’re looking for peaceful walks on the beach or a buzzing nightlife, Brighton is a great place to live, and work, especially in the burgeoning tech sector. They don’t call it ‘Silicon Beach’ for nothing!


Working in Kyiv, Ukraine

We Stand with Ukraine. Find out what we’re doing to support Ukraine and how you can help, too.

Kyiv, Ukraine houses the BrightLocal Development and Engineering team. Kyiv is the capital and largest city of Ukraine and where the ‘heavy lifting’ work gets done.

The city’s amazing architecture, fascinating history and vibrant atmosphere are just a few of the reasons to choose to live and work in Kyiv. Add in a large selection of fantastic restaurants and bars and you can see why we decided to set up shop here!

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What our team says

I thought companies like this only existed in fairytales! From exceptional support and excellent training opportunities through to the many perks and benefits it offers, BrightLocal is like no company I've ever experienced.
Kate Herbert-Smith - Digital Learning Manager / Bookworm
Kate Herbert-Smith
Digital Learning Manager / Bookworm
If you are looking for a collaborative and creative place to work that's fun, inspires you to success and rewards hard work, you'll be hard pushed to find better than BrightLocal. From top to bottom, the business is friendly and supportive.
Jack Keeling - Agency Solution Consultant / Guitar Freak
Jack Keeling
Agency Solution Consultant / Guitar Freak
There's no bureaucracy or micromanagement. If you are a mature and independent professional, BrightLocal can provide you all the chances you need to achieve your ambitions and goals.
Nadiia Voinova - QA Lead / Art Critic
Nadiia Voinova
QA Lead / Art Critic
The company is consistent in sticking to its core beliefs and values: openness, diversity, empowerment, and doing good. Within the first two weeks I already felt a great sense of pride working for BrightLocal. This is a place I know I can push myself further in my field.
Ken Iizuka - Visual Designer / Stationery Collector
Ken Iizuka
Visual Designer / Stationery Collector
I have always felt secure and trusted in my work; this has given me the opportunity to move forward in my role and have great confidence in the company.
Will Sanderson - Sales Operations / Dirt Biker
Will Sanderson
Sales Operations / Dirt Biker
I like the open culture of BrightLocal. It is great to know that your opinion will be always taken into account.
Iurii Pochtar - Project Delivery Manager / Cycling Explorer
Iurii Pochtar
Project Delivery Manager / Cycling Explorer

Open vacancies


Equality, diversity and inclusion at BrightLocal

We are committed to creating a rich and diverse workplace that offers equal opportunities to everyone, no matter their gender, ethnicity, background or sexual orientation.

We believe that through diversity we give ourselves the best chance to identify a broad and balanced set of ideas and opportunities that will help our people and our customers achieve their goals, and our business achieve its goals.

Click here to view our full Equality, Diversion and Inclusion Policy.