Local Search Audit

Local SEO analysis made easy

You know where you rank — now find out why

In local search, you get out what you put in. Rate your ranking potential and reveal issues quickly, so you can focus on what’s holding you back from climbing the local SERPs.

Fine-tuned for local search

The only local SEO audit that’s 100% focused on what really moves the needle for local businesses. No more time or money wasted on non-essential data.

300+ data points analyzed in minutes


See where you rank for your most important keywords.


Get visibility on inaccurate data and missed opportunities.


Understand your reputation and see where you lack reviews.

Google Business Profile

Get benchmark performance metrics against your top ten competitors.

On-site SEO

View a detailed list of website issues that you need to prioritize.


See how your backlinks compare to the competition.

See how you stack up Get a free local SEO audit today

Fully automated reports = hours of time saved

Say adios to tedious, tiresome manual auditing. Unearth 100s of easy-to-action data points in the time it takes to make a coffee (and with even less effort).

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Instant on insights, deep on detail

Identify your biggest weak spots early, so you can resolve them quickly and get more stuff done. No head-scratching required!

Your agency's secret weapon

Take all the credit

White-label audits with your agency’s logo and brand colors.

Give your clients a wake-up call

Power pitches with real-world data, and show where you can add value.

Report your way

Customize reports to focus your clients’ attention on what matters most.

Deliver impact, instantly

Jump on quick wins, show results, and plot a roadmap for ongoing work.

Audit local SEO and get the insights that really matter

Don’t just take our word for it…

"I run the Local Search Audit for prospects and I run it periodically for my SEO clients. I really like how it gives a snapshot of the business and shows what areas need improvement."
Glennette Goodbread - Premium Web Development LLC
Glennette Goodbread
Premium Web Development LLC
"The information is easy to understand for clients and goes deep enough to give my team actionable data in a fraction of the time it would take manually."
Mike Ramsey - Nifty Marketing
Mike Ramsey
Nifty Marketing
"These reports allow me to see items I may have overlooked and quickly address them."
Stephen Hollingshead - Steve The Website Guy
Stephen Hollingshead
Steve The Website Guy


What is a Local Search Audit?

Local Search Audit allows you to assess how well your business is optimized for local search. It will provide you with easy-to-understand insights into every aspect of your business's local visibility.

It looks at your rankings, reviews, business listings, on-page SEO, links, Google Business Profile and hundreds of other factors, then provides you with simple, actionable insights based on these data points. There are many local SEO ranking factors that you’ll want to be familiar with, and Local Search Audit allows you to understand all of them at a glance.

How do I do a local audit?

Performing a local search audit yourself could take countless hours. Our reports are fully automated and simple to set up.

Learn how to create a Local Search Audit in BrightLocal.

If you want to know more about the process, read our guide on local SEO auditing.

Can I audit my Google Business Profile?

Yes, you can! While Local Search Audit gives you a top-level view of your overall status in local search, you can also use our Google Business Profile (GBP) Audit to get a more in-depth look into the performance of your GBP listing.

Customer Reviews

"Local search audit quickly enables you to determine a SWOT analysis of a business website."
Steve Drury
Owner, Web-aviso
"I think the fact that each area of SEO is scored so that you know exactly what to work on. I can focus on the various aspects of on page SEO that require attention. Then once I rerun the report I can track the improvements or see if anything still needs work. I just really like the fact that so many metrics are contained in one place. It makes things very convenient."
Jackson Scott
Director, Green Move Removals
"This tool forms the cornerstone of both our quarterly business reviews as well as our marketing proposals. The insights it affords (with minimal setup) and the client-centric way the information is displayed give my marketing team deep technical information and a clear story to present to clients."
Graeme Gibson
Director, Digital Marketing, 123Dentist