Listings Management

The smarter way to manage listings

The local listing landscape evolved

A decade ago, consumers used hundreds of different sites to discover businesses.

But now, just a handful of sites dominate consumer engagement.

A new listings landscape


1. The Engagement Layer

Sites where consumers discover, evaluate, and engage with your brand.

These sites are your most important digital storefronts. Regular maintenance and protection from rogue edits are crucial for safeguarding your reputation and delivering a superior customer experience.

Google | Apple Maps | Facebook | Bing

2. The Authority Layer

Sites that build authority with search engines.

Customers rarely look on these sites, but accuracy of basic business information (Name, Address and Phone) is key for gaining trust and authority with search engines.

Sites like: Manta | Merchant Circle | Tupalo | Hotfrog | Superpages

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Traditional listings management software didn’t evolve

Other solutions still treat listings in the Engagement and Authority layers the same (they’re not!)

You’re left paying a premium to ‘rent’ your listings on their one-size-fits-all networks. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Meet the listings management solution for the web of today

Build authority with Citation Builder

Citation Builder is our trusted, managed service for the Authority Layer. Our team of experts will build and fix listings on the most relevant, authority-boosting sites. 

No renting your listings. No recurring fees. You own your listings, forever.


Maximize engagement with Active Sync

Brand-new Active Sync takes care of the Engagement Layer. An easy-setup API solution that keeps your most important listings accurate and protected at all times.

Manage all your locations from a single dashboard and push out updates in an instant.

Drive more leads with GBP Post Scheduler

GBP Post Scheduler takes away the pain and time drain out of managing Google Posts.

Schedule updates, offers, and events at the time that works best for you. Post to multiple locations at once. And power up your posts with AI content creation.

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Rescue your marketing budget

BrightLocal Solutions
Active Sync + GBP Post Scheduler
  • From only $8 / month per location
  • Cancel at any time
Citation Builder
  • Only $3.20 per site
  • One-time payment
  • No recurring fees
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Traditional Solutions
Yext Essentials
  • From $499 / year per location
  • Annual contract
  • From $30 / month per location
  • Billed monthly
Moz Local Lite
  • From $14 / month per location
  • Annual contract
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Managing locations at SCALE

Listings management across 50+ locations can be complex and time-consuming. Not to mention a big drain on budgets and resources.

Our tailored Enterprise service helps streamline the process, helping you achieve better results, and at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Through effective publisher research, managed data submission, and dynamic location updates, you can focus on what matters most while we help take care of the rest.

Listings management that doesn’t blow your budget


Do I need a BrightLocal subscription to use Citation Builder?

Nope. Citation Builder is a pay-as-you-go service that you can access with or without a BrightLocal subscription.

If you already have a subscription, head to Citation Builder to get started.

If not, create a free Simply Listings account to start your first campaign today.

Do I need a BrightLocal subscription to use Active Sync and GBP Post Scheduler?

No, you do not need a BrightLocal subscription to use Active Sync and GBP Post Scheduler.

You can start start using Active Sync and GBP Post Scheduler in any of the following ways:

1) By signing up for a free 14-day trial. This gives you access to the full BrightLocal platform including Active Sync and GBP Post Scheduler. Once your trial comes to an end to keep using these features you will need to choose either the Manage or Grow Plan.

2) If you already have a BrightLocal subscription on one of our old plans, you can simply purchase the Publishing Pack add-on in Location Manager. This add-on gives access to both Active Sync and GBP Post Scheduler.

3) If you have a free Simply Listings account you can also purchase the Publishing Pack add-on.

How much does it cost to manage listings with BrightLocal?

Citation Builder is a pay-as-you-go service that costs $3.20 per site, with bulk purchase options available from $2 per site. You can access this service with a BrightLocal subscription or via our free Simply Listings account.

For Active Sync and GBP Post Scheduler, these two tools are available in our Manage and Grow Plans, which start at $49/mo.

If you happen to be on one of our older plans (Single Business, Multi-Business, or SEO-Pro), you can purchase the Publishing Pack add-on that gives access to both Active Sync and GBP Post Scheduler.

The price for this add-on differs depending whether you're paying monthly or annually.

  • If you have Monthly Subscription, the Publishing Pack is priced at $8 per Location, per month.
  • If you have a Annual Subscription it's priced at $80 per Location, per year, which is two months free!
  • If you don't have a subscription, and instead have a free Simply Listings account, you can purchase the Publishing Pack for $100 per Location, per year.
Do you offer Enterprise listings management services?

Yes. For brands or agencies that are managing 50+ locations, we’ve developed bulk update workflows that make managing multiple locations a breeze.

Head to BrightLocal for Enterprise to learn more about our tailored solutions.