Local Search Grid

Put your rankings on the map

Is your rank tracker giving you the complete picture?

01a Whatyourranktrackershowsyou
01a Whatlsgreveals

Bigger picture. Better insights.
Smarter decisions.

See the real-world picture of local search

Get a bird’s-eye, pinpoint-accurate view of rankings. Customize your grid based on where your potential customers are actually searching from and all the locations your business serves.

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03 Knowwheretofocusyourefforts

Know where to focus your efforts

Measure the share of search visibility across the map for your most important keywords. Find out which are performing well and which need attention.

Discover which of your competitors dominate the map

Gain a true understanding of your local search battleground. Benchmark key ranking factors against your top 20 rivals to pinpoint the best ways to outrank them.

04 Discoverwhichofyourcompetitors

Monitor progress with complete clarity

05 Monitorprogresswithclarity
06 Wowclientswithintuitivereports

Wow clients with intuitive reports

Whether you’re pitching for new business or compiling monthly reports, Local Search Grid arms you with a visual way to drive client engagement and get buy-in.

Spot spam in seconds

View all businesses competing in the local search landscape in one simple table. Pick out and report inaccurate GMB business names in mere moments.

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Ready to put your rankings on the map?

Don't just take our word for it...

"We've been BrightLocal fans for a long time and when Local Search Grid came out we just fell even more in love!"

Local Search Grid has allowed us to visually explain to clients how they're doing in the map pack. It's easy to use, affordable, and our clients love seeing their footprint expand with our SEO efforts ... we love it!

Jonathan "Jono" Long
Owner, Faithworks Marketing
"Local Search Grid provides visual proof that our Local SEO marketing plan is working."

The ability to deliver concrete evidence to our clients demonstrates that their investment is paying off.

Jeff Kelly - CEO, Assetlab
Jeff Kelly
CEO, Assetlab
"Sometimes a quick loom showing a client the grid and they are sold!"

Local Search Grid is my favourite BrightLocal tool. I love the visual result of the grid in particular but also it's super easy for anyone to understand ... it really helps convert. Sometimes a quick loom showing a client the grid and they are sold!

Jeanette Elton - Owner, Bloom Creative Design Ltd
Jeanette Elton
Owner, Bloom Creative Design Ltd


What is Local Search Grid?

Local search grid is a geolocation rank tracker. What’s one of those, I hear you cry? It’s a more granular way of tracking a business’s local rankings.

It shows rankings across the local area, broken up into a grid. This lets a business see how well it ranks in all of the areas around that business, to see the real picture in its neighborhood, town, or city. Once a business knows exactly how it's ranking across the local area, it can focus its efforts accordingly, or work out who its real competitors are.

How do I track my ranking in local search?

With BrightLocal, you have a few different options. If you’re just after a quick, ad-hoc look, then try our free Local Search Results Checker.

For more detailed long-term tracking we have two options. Local Search Grid, and the more traditional Local Rank Tracker. Both tools come as standard in all our BrightLocal local SEO plans and offer the perfect blend of breadth and depth in your local rank tracking.

What makes a geolocation rank tracker different?

A geolocation rank tracker, like Local Search Grid, gives you a hyperlocal overview of local ranking performance across a particular area. It differs from other local rank tracking tools as these focus on local ranking performance from a single location only.

Also see 'What is Local Search Grid?'.

How does Local Search Grid fit within the BrightLocal platform?

Local Search Grid sits alongside all of the BrightLocal tools which help you track, understand, and improve local SEO performance for each location you’re managing.

Local Search Grid is included in all plans except ‘Just Reviews’ and you’ll get the following credits allocated to you each month:

  • Single Business: 250 Local Search Grid credits
  • Multi-Business: 1,000 Local Search Grid credits
  • SEO Pro: 2,000 Local Search Grid credits
How do Local Search Grid credits work?

Each subscription plan that includes Local Search Grid is allocated credits which renew every month:

  • Single Business: 250 Local Search Grid credits
  • Multi-Business: 1,000 Local Search Grid credits
  • SEO Pro: 2,000 Local Search Grid credits
How can I learn to use Local Search Grid?

There are a number of guides and videos available in our Help Center.

We also have a module all about Local Search Grid as part of the ‘Level Up Your Local SEO with BrightLocal’ course in BrightLocal Academy. Here you can learn:

  • How to uncover deeper ranking insights
  • How to set up a report to get the insights you need
  • How to spot opportunities for growth and get ahead of the competition

If you’re already enrolled on the ‘Level Up Your Local SEO with BrightLocal’ course, simply click here and sign in to access the module.

If you’re not enrolled on the ‘Level Up Your Local SEO with BrightLocal’ course, click here to enroll.

Not a member of BrightLocal Academy yet?
You can join the academy via your BrightLocal account. Simply log in, click ‘Learning Resources’ at the top of the screen and select ‘BrightLocal Academy’ from the dropdown menu.

You’ll be taken straight to your academy account page where you can enroll on the ‘Level Up Your Local SEO with BrightLocal’ course.

How much can I customize Local Search Grid maps?

We pack in a lot of customization options so can you get the exact detail you need in your reports.

Grid size:

You can choose from the following grid sizes:


Distance between Grid Points:

You can adapt the distance between each Grid Point to match the exact area you want to track rankings.

Moving the Grid:

When setting up your report, the central Grid Point defaults to the exact location of the business you’re tracking.

If you want to track rankings in a different area, simply drag the central Grid Point to another position on the map.

Customer Reviews

"Love the design and reporting functionality. We were one of the first marketing companies in the medical industry to use it. We started with LocalViking but switched to your platform as soon as you had it developed."
Adrian Lefler
Owner, My Social Practice
"The Local Search Grid tool allows us to show our clients exactly how they're ranking in their neighborhood and highlight the value of the SEO work we do for them. Showing SEO client's the value we're providing can be difficult, especially in densely populated areas. The client may not know that they are ranking very well in their area because they check rankings for their city name. For example, Seattle covers a wide area with several neighborhoods. We can show our clients how they rank in their neighborhood which is much more helpful than using "Seattle" as the location."
Peter Wilson
President, Bizmktg.com
"Since the majority of our SEO clients are local businesses, the Local Search Grid has become of our agency's prime metrics to track. The Local Search Grid allows us to not only monitor how we're doing in gaining client rankings, but it also provides an easy-to-digest view of progress over time to our clients ... nothing make our clients feel more happy than seeing more and more green dots appear on their their Local Search Grid."
Wes Foster
Founder, WESFED